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Here we will try to post information that will help you in some way.  Most of these link are in .pdf format.


Understanding Antennas For The Non-Technical Ham

  • A Book By Jim Abercrombie, N4JA
    Illustrations by Frank Wamsley, K4EFW
    Edited by Judy Haynes, KC4NOR
    Copyright July 2005. Second Edition
    Edited for the web , N4UJW

Band Plans (Printable)

Catalogs (The listing of the catalogs below is by no means a form of advertising or
                  endorsement.  It's simply a way to put more information at your fingertips.)

Digital Modes on Ham Radio (includes D-Star)

FCC Files

Fox Hunting

Ham Radio Codes and Terms




  • UV-5R  (Best resource for the Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band Radio)


Satellite Communications

Scanner Information and Frequencies

Space Station Information

If you have some PDF files that are good information for helping other hams about the hobby, please feel free to email them to suncountryars@gmail.com.