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Local Area Repeaters
Output Freq Offset Tone Features EchoLink # Callsign Location and Brief Description
146.970 MHz -600 No oaex   KA4WJA Anthony, FL, SCARS Repeater
147.165 MHz -600 123 oe   N4STP Fort McCoy, FL, N4STP Repeater
146.610 MHz -600 123 oaerzx   K4GSO Silver Springs, FL, SSRC Repeater
145.170 MHz -600 123 oe   KG4NXO Ocala, FL, MCECT
146.790 MHz -600 123 oers D-STAR G Go Gu   KK4DFC Ocala, FL, D-STAR
147.360 MHz +600 No oel(443.250)WXx EC(317403) KI4LOB Dunnellon, FL
147.030 MHz +600 123 oex   K4HOG Lake Panasofkee, FL, K4HOG Repeater
224.100 MHz -1.6 103.5 oex   N4TSV Anthony, FL
444.575MHz +5 103.5 o   K4VRC The Villages, FL TVARC
444.325 MHz +5 No oe l(145.430) x   KA2MBE Ocala, FL
443.250 MHz +5 No oa(CA)e l(147.360) EC(317403) KI4LOB Summerfield, FL
444.375 MHz +5 123 o   N4STP Fort McCoy, FL
146.820 MHz -600 123 oa(CA)ersz   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.985 MHz -600 No oesx   K4GNV Gainesville, FL GARS Repeater
146.685 MHz -600 No oersBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.910 MHz -600 123 oarz EC(258454) W4DFU Gainesville, FL, GARC Repeater
224.160 MHz -1.6 No orsxBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
444.925 MHz +5 No oersxBi   K4GNV Gainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
147.000 MHz -600 103.5 ors   N4FLA Leesburg, FL, LCAA Repeater
147.120 MHz +600 103.5 oe   N4LGH Orlando, FL, KT4AZ Repeater
147.300 MHz +600 103.5 o EC(632802) WD4WDW Lake Buena Vista, FL, D.E.A.R.S.
= Open repeater      c = Closed repeater      a = Open autopatch      (CA) = Closed autopatch      # = Uncoordinated     
= EchoLink Node     r = RACES affiliated      s = ARES affiliated      l = Linked      RB = Remote base      e = Emergency power
= IRLP Node     x = Wide area coverage      z = Direct 911 access      WX = Weather      BI = Bilingual      t = CTCSS access
= DCS Access

Listing subject to change without notice.                                                                                                                     Source: Florida Repeater Council listings

Orlando Area Repeaters (link to the DEARS website)
Orlando Amateur Radio Club Repeater List (link to OARC website)
Gainesville Amateur Radio Society Repeater List (link to GARS website)
The Villages Amateur Radio CLub Repeater List (link the The Villages Radio Club website)
Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association. FASMA is the successor to the Florida Repeater Council