We will keep you updated about any local ARRL 2020 Field Day activities as soon as we know about them.


Our planned RT66 trip has been canceled, soooo.....

Yes, Fellow ham operators, It’s that time of the year again to be part of the greatest event in amateur radio, the one and only FIELD DAY. I will again be offering the use of our estate of Fred & Kathy Bernquist, AE2DX previous call N2DCP. The sites will be mowed we will again offer the use of our 5th wheel RV for your operating comfort or rest periods. The in ground pool water is a comfortable 85 degrees. There are many sites to choose from as most are near many trees for your antenna configurations. Dave’s antenna from last field day is still up and ready, well almost, the antenna lines are still up in the trees for your use, This years also there are more cleared out areas for you to set up in as we had the brush and limbs trimmed during this past year to make more room.

This years dining feast will be hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill and supplied by your hosts, and any and all vittles you wish to bring to share with the others for your dining pleasure. Don’t forget to bring your suits and towels, any snacks and drinks you plan to enjoy during this extravaganza event. The refrigerator in the RV will be on for your use.

As usual after the event and take down the Newly renovated shooting range will be open for the target and skeet shooting practice if you so desire special thanks to Doc K4QI and Joe KA4WJB for the new targets.. Bring lots of ammo as the shortage going on of ammo I need all the casings I can collect to have reloaded again.

If your planning on coming during the event please RSVP so that I know how much meat to purchase.

This years event will be held on June 27-28 2020. Set up will begin when you arrive try to be here early to allow time to set up for the 2PM start. The location is 4386 E. Posselt Drive Hernando Fl 34442 (note the road is ok for travel but drive slow. Our SCARS welcome sign will be posted on the street pointing your way to the sites.

Please forward to any others, or CB’ers whom might be interested in attending this once a year event. Looking forward to another great turnout.

Fred BernquistAE2DX

Contact information
Home phone- 352-344-4688
Email-- ae2dx@arrl.net
Cell Phone-- 212 3335 - note- not always on me or even on but welcome to try anyway.

Welcome One and All to our Website!

The goal of this website is to provide you with a little information about the Sun Country Amateur Radio Society, our repeaters, some of the activities associated with our group and a bunch of general ham radio information.

We are located in North Central Florida, Marion County, in the town of Anthony, just north of Ocala, FL. We are about 90 NNW of Orlando, about 75 miles from the east or the west coast of Florida and about 35 miles south of Gainesville. MAP

KA4WJA/R, 146.970, Voted "Best (non-Linked) Repeater" in "4" Call Area. Click Here to Read about more about it Needless to say, we are very proud of this recognition!

Our group is more of a social group rather than a official structured club. We get together every 2 weeks and meet at one of the local restaurants in town for some food, fun and relaxation. We start at 7:00PM and continue on until we are ready to call it quits for the evening. Our next meeting is at McDonald's on Tuesday - May 26 2020 @ 7:00PM.

If you would like to learn more about ham radio, if you think you have some interest in ham radio but would like to learn more or if you are a local ham operator looking for a great group of people to socialize with, we encourage you to come and join us. Everyone is welcome!!


Changed ISP: We changed our Internet Service Provider from CenturyLink to Spectrum (Brighthouse). Spectrum offers about the same services but with CenturyLink but we had issues where the website couldn't be seen from the outside Internet. Hopefully things will remain stable with the new service provider.

Email Server: Due to some issues caused by the take-over of Brighthouse by Spectrum, we are no longer able to host a mail server on our system. We are fine with the web server because we have a way to fix that using a small program. The likelihood of Spectrum changing their policies is very slim so we are no longer pursuing remedies to get the mail server running again. The status of the email server has not changed with the new ISP.

Website: Even though the website has been completed, we are constantly working to make this website more informative.. The latest changes have been toward automating as many of the functions of the website as possible. We try to do as much of the development as we can during the late night hours to try and keep any interruption of service to a minimum. We always welcome any new items to post on the website.

Website Development: It took a lot of time to get everything moved over from the old website and then move the server to the new network without any interruption of service. There will be some things that I will add from the time to time. If you can't find something you were looking for, let me know and I will try to restore it back as it was. Otherwise we'll try to keep the information here as up to date as we can.

Updated: December 18th, 2017, 11:01PM

Some of the Local Area Repeaters

Here are of few of the repeaters in the area. This is not a complete list but these are some of the popular ones. If you have a repeater in the area and would like to be listed, send us an email with the necessary information and we'll add it as soon as we can.

Our Repeaters (In order by Frequency)
Frequency Offset Tone Call Sign Location
146.970 MHz -600 kHz No Tone KA4WJA Anthony, FL
147.165 MHz +600 kHz 123 N4STP Fort McCoy, FL
224.100 MHz -1.6 MHz No Tone N4TSV Anthony, FL
444.325 MHz +5 MHz No Tone KA2MBE Anthony, FL
444.375 MHz +5 MHz 123 N4STP Fort McCoy, FL

Other Ocala Area Repeaters (In order by Frequency)
Frequency Offset Tone Call Sign Location
145.170 MHz -600 kHz D-Star KG4NXO Ocala, FL
145.270 MHz -600 kHz 123 KQ4PP Ocala, FL
145.430 MHz -600 kHz 141.3 KD4GME Ocala, FL
146.610 MHz -600 kHz 123 K4GSO Ocala, FL
146.790 MHz -600 kHz D-Star K4GSO Ocala, FL
147.210 MHz +600 kHz 123 KI4MTN Ocala, FL

The Villages Repeaters (In order by Frequency)
Frequency Offset Tone Call Sign Location
146.925 MHz -600 kHz 123 W4OE Summerfield, FL
147.030 MHz +600 kHz 123 KJ4AN The Villages, FL
443.225 MHz +5 MHz 103.5 K4VRC The Villages, FL

Gainesville Repeaters (In order by Frequency)
Frequency Offset Tone Call Sign Location
146.820 MHz -600 kHz 123 K4GNV Gainesville, FL
146.865 MHz -600 kHz 123 K4GNV Gainesville, FL
146.985 MHz -600 kHz 123 K4GNV Gainesville, FL
224.160 MHz -1.6 MHz No Tone K4GNV Gainesville, FL
444.925 MHz +5 MHz No Tone K4GNV Gainesville, FL

University of Florida Repeaters (In order by Frequency)
Frequency Offset Tone Call Sign Location
146.910 MHz -600 kHz No Tone W4DFU Gainesville, FL
444.725 MHz +5 MHz No Tone W4DFU Gainesville, FL

On The Lighter Side