I am in the process of rewriting a bunch of code on the website in order to clean up the code and make it easier to manage. If you should experience any downtime or errors please wait a few minutes and then try to load the website again. I will post a notification as soon as I am done. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Example: After cleaning and rewriting the code, here are the Before and After numbers for lines of code that are used to display the next dinner information shown on the left.

Next Dinner Info Code
Before: 254 Lines
After: 110 Lines

As you can see the new code still displays the same data and format. If I were to remove all the coding comments I could cut the number of lines of code back to about 100. In case you were wondering, the website is written using a combination of HTML, PHP and Javascript.

Here are some polls you can participate in where you cast your vote on a variety of topics. To access the polls, click on the menu item "Polls" and then put your mouse pointer on the "Pools" menu. A list of active polls should appear.

You can also use the links provided here to access the polls.

Favorite Radio Manufacturer?
License Class you hold?

More polls will be posted soon.

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