Mount Dora 140th Anniversary

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N4N - Special Event –
Activating the Mount Dora Lake Lighthouse – USA-1407
For the 140th Anniversary of the 1st Settlers in Mount Dora

We activated the Mount Dora Lake Light located on Lake Dora at the entrance of the Port of Mount Dora in Mount Dora, Florida. We operated from 1530 UTC Feb 15, 2014 to 0030 UTC Feb 16, 2014 (10:30 am to about 7:30 PM - local time). We operated CW, SSB & PSK31. We made 360 contacts-which includes 44 US states and 16 countries.

This lighthouse has been designated as Mount Dora Lake Lighthouse USA-1407- Lake County, FL. by the Amateur Radio Light House Society. We believe this to be the 1st activation of this actual working lighthouse. Built in 1988, only 35 ft. tall, the lighthouse is a fully functional navigating light for the Port of Mount Dora, on Lake Dora.  It is the only inland freshwater lighthouse in Florida.

Mount Dora’s 1st settlers were the Simpson Family in 1874. The Postmaster gave the settlement a name in 1880 by combining parts of his own children’s names.  In 1883 it was renamed Mount Dora, as it is located on a plateau 184 feet above sea level and borders Lake Dora.

We hope you will help make our event a success by contacting us at the Mount Dora Lake Lighthouse, for the 140th Anniversary of the 1st settling of Mount Dora.

QSL cards will be available to those that work N4N during the lighthouse event. We will provide qsl cards via direct or eQSL only - sorry- NO BUREAU or LOTW.